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Birds-eye view of Gin & Tonic with Lemon and Rosemary on a black background

What are the 5 most exciting mixers to try with gin today!

Well, as we say here at The Indy Cellar, taste is very personal, so whatever you fancy! We’d love to hear your craft gin mixer ideas below. Though there are some classic mixers, we are also strong believers in branching out trying new things and letting our taste buds tingle with delight.

1.Tonic Water

Ha. You didn’t come here to be told that! Gin and Tonic, surely as synonymous as are Ant and Dec, Laurel and Hardy or Scott & Charlene. We would add that you need to have the best tonic water to really make for a good quality G&T (and a good quality gin). We would recommend either Navas Original Tonic Water or Artisan’s Classic London Tonic.


Well we think Martinis could have their own book, but we will be publishing our guide to making the perfect Martini in a future post. Though gin, vermouth, ice and a garnish is all you need. Then there’s much debate over the proportions. We’d love to suggest trying In the Loop’s English Dry White Vermouth (we suggest a fifth Vermouth to Gin, stir over ice for 90 seconds, pour into a chilled glass). For a traditional Martini we suggest a London Dry Gin. (Burleigh’s London Dry or Piston Distinguished both work very well)


We imagine you didn’t expect this on our list. However we think that you can make an excellent Espresso Martini with Gin, and we have what we think is the perfect matching Gin, with Piston’s Coffee Infused Gin. Take 50ml of Gin, 20ml Espresso, 10ml Sugar Syrup (play around with the amount of sugar syrup for taste, shake over ice and strain)

4. Flavoured Tonics

No longer is it the 90s for a G&T where the only question you get asked is if you’d like slice and ice. Oh, no there’s numerous types of gin and tonics to choose from. Then if you head into flavoured tonics you’re entering a world of flavour. It really is live and let live. For those with a sweeter tooth we suggest Artisan’s Violet Blossom Tonic or those who like more Herbal notes why not try Navas’ Garden Tonic

5. Elderflower

There’s quite a few directions that you can go in with this one. You can make your traditional G&T a little bit more summary with the addition of some Elderflower Cordial. Alternatively you can make a Gin Fizz, with the addition of lime. However we reckon sometimes you just need the easy route, so take the Elderflower Highball from the Bottled Cocktail Company, top up with a soda water and viola, the perfect combo in minutes.

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