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Our Founder's Christmas Gift Guide

Our Founder's Christmas Gift Guide

As Christmas is fast approaching we thought we'd write a post from our founder, Justin's, Christmas Gift Recommendations (hint, hint!) from some of our wonderful independent producers. Take a look below:

1. Cotswold No. 1 Wildflower Gin.

I love the refreshing citrus on the nose coupled with a hint of lavender. I feel that with so much heavy food over Christmas this helps cut through some of those flavours. Will also definitely lift those January blues if you have any left then!

2. Artisan Mixed Gift Pack 

A great introduction to the fabulous tonics from Artisan. The Classic London Tonic is a fantastic pairing with Cotswold's No.1 Wildflower Gin. I also love the Pink Citrus Tonic with a slice of orange to drink on it's own, great for when you fancy a day off drinking over Christmas.

3. Bowl Grabber Alvarinho Bag in a Box

Don't worry you're not in a time warp to the 1970s! Wine in a box is back...and this time it's serious. I love this Portuguese Alvarinho, aromatic with floral notes and citrus and fresh on the palate. Wonderful to keep in the fridge for when guests come over.

4. Old Dairy Mixed Can Selection

Old Dairy produce so many great beers, I always reach for one of their beers when I'm not sure what I feel like, as I know I'll enjoy it. The  Chocolate & Coconut is a particular favourite, with the Coconut just a subtle after taste on the palate.

 Cotswolds No 1 Wildflower Gin with glass sitting on a barrel with a view of the CotswoldsArtisan Tonic Mixed Gift Pack sitting on a table

Bowl Grabber Box of White Wine AlvarhinhoOld Dairy Brewery Mixed Cans

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