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The Best Drinks for a Picnic

The 5 best... drinks for a picnic

We love making cocktails at home, or opening a bottle of wine, though let’s not forget that as the weather gets better we’ll be heading out and about. 

If you’re like us we love a good picnic. And whilst the origins might be French, there is a certain British determination to having a picnic. Sand in the sandwich - no problem. Rain - no problem.

Food at picnics these days has improved immeasurably since the 80s and 90s. (Olive anyone?), let’s not just improve our food but our drinks as well.

Find our list of our favourite ready to drink when out and about:

1. Organic Rosé in a Can - DEFY

Rosé wine in a can - Defy Wine


It’s from Italy. It’s organic and it’s wine. Say no more. 

Defy has defied the odds and produced a very delectable selection of wine in a can. Simply choose between red, white or rose to complement your nibbles. 

We think the rosé is perfect for a picnic. 

2. Sea & T in a Can - Sea Arch

Sea & T  - Sea Arch. Alcohol-free spirit in a can


If you’re not into alfresco booziness, Sea & Ts are your new best friends. Sea Arch have expertly mixed two variations of Sea Arch in a can. 

We love the Sea & T, it contains a double measure of alcohol-free dry distilled Coastal Juniper spirit with flavours of juniper, sea kelp and blood orange, mixed perfectly with Indian Tonic topped off with a citrus twist.

3. Venetian Spirtz - These Days

Venetian Spirtz  in a glass - These Days Drinks


New spritz on the block, inspired by the taste and experience of drinking classic Venetian bellinis on a sunset piazza. 

A delicious blend of peach, honey and organic white wine, fruity and fun, perfect for sharing. 

4. Bog Standard Lager - Jiddler's Tipple

Bog Standard Lager Jiddler's Tipple

Don’t let the bog standard-ness of the name fool you, this canned lager is extremely drinkable, dry and malty, inspired by Vienna style lager and a moorish match for your alfresco sun soaked luncheons.

5. Dry Apple Kombucha - Genie Drinks

Dry Apple Kombucha - Genie Drinks


A naturally created Kombucha that lives up to the hype. A crisp and perky fermented soda made with Black tea and apple, tastes like dry cider, but without the alcohol. 

They only use the good stuff to make good stuff, I mean who doesn’t want feel good antioxidants, probiotics and vitamins to complement their sausage roll?

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