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The Indy Cellar. Independent thinking. Enlightened drinking.

Welcome to the online drinks marketplace that makes personalised recommendations based on your taste and your taste alone. We’re the smarter way to discover and support the best and brightest independent drinks makers from the UK and beyond.

A mission of independence.

A simple existence requires single-minded, monk-like focus. We exist solely to match people with the drinks they love from the independent producers who love making them. And coincidentally, you can thank many a boozy monk for developing and preserving the drops we enjoy today. Praise be.


In this day and age, a more enlightened drinking experience begins with how we discover and purchase them online. And a journey of self-discovery is always more rewarding than the path that was chosen for us. The Indy Cellar champions the personal tastes and the personal freedoms of the individual. We’ve created a quiz to find out what truly resonates with you. Then we simply match those intricate tastes with the drinks we’ve devoted so much energy into researching and categorising.


From humble(ish) beginnings.

Just like a single-malt whiskey matures in the barrel and takes on a life and character of its own, The Indy Cellar came of age in the mind of Justin Davidson. And like a good whiskey, this was an idea you’d be a fool to water down. Neat, or not at all. 

The Indy Cellar Founder Justin Davidson

Justin’s deep understanding and appreciation of flavour and taste are what he wants to share with the world – and The Indy Cellar is his vehicle for doing just that. After fine-tuning his palate to a sommelier level – including level two and three Wine and Spirit Education Trust courses – Justin had his sights set on a new kind of drinks experience: a unique marketplace matching sophisticated tastes and palates with incredible drinks crafted by the UK’s best independent makers.


Justin still believes that, when it comes to choosing a drink, quality is worth paying for. You’re investing in a unique experience, and you get to hold onto that memory forever. He believes that taste, memory and identity are intertwined. That the flavours you love become part of your story – part of who you are and where you’ve come from. So you better make each one count.


Cheers to the future.

A focus on flavour, provenance, and quality still helps define the drinks we select – and it will continue to shape the future of The Indy Cellar for a long time to come.


Right now, we’re putting in the hard yards, so you don’t have to. As a team, we’re building on an already strong foundation of research, refinement, tasting and testing to give you a fantastic selection of drinks delivered straight to your door. But the important part is narrowing down that selection to the drinks that are perfect for you. A personalised quiz and sophisticated algorithm is just the start of that complicated process. It’s a big job, but some poor sod’s gotta do it.


The Indy Cellar will become the online destination for buying the world’s best independent drinks. To do that, we’ll continue supporting the growth of independent drinks producers, whether that’s sharing the sensational drinks they produce or making sure they’re following sustainable business practices while they do it. Not since the Fresh Prince took down the mothership back in ‘96 has a more compelling story of independence been told. True: We’re not going to solve the world’s problems with a drink, but you better believe we’re not prepared to make things any bloody worse, either.


Independence day. Every day.

Not since the Fresh Prince took down the mothership back in ‘96 has a more compelling story of independence been told. We’re here to celebrate you, the independent drinks makers. Videos, reviews, profiles, social posts and, of course, quiz results. We’re here to bring your story to life. We may not have President Bill Pullman giving a rousing speech, but we do have some pretty interesting characters with equally powerful stories to tell.


If it were easy, everyone would be doin’ it.

That’s not entirely true. But you’re gonna laugh when you find out how simple it is:


  1. Flavour saver. We match drink recommendations to our customers’ tastes, inviting them to find your drinks organically.
  2. Orders are orders. Our customers then order and pay through The Indy Cellar website. We’ll send you a notification with the order details and payment.
  3. Ship yourself. You ship the order directly to the customer – they get to know you a little better and keep coming back for more.